f o r   w e d d i n g   c l i e n t s .

how do we book with you? 
after we meet in person (or skype if you aren't in florida) and we decide i'm the right photographer for you.... i will require a signed contract and non refundable deposit. i take 50% deposits to book the date. the remainder is due by the day of the wedding. 

when will we get our images?  and how many?
weddings take anywhere from 6-10 weeks depending on my current editing queue. i will typically let my couples' know what the expected wait time is for their digital gallery. most weddings i produce approximately 100 edited images per hour. 

should we book an engagement session?
my answer is always Y E S. engagement sessions are the perfect way for us to break the ice before your big day! let's get you comfy in front of my camera and make some magic. engagement sessions are the best. you get to cuddle your love for a few hours while i stalk you with my camera....what could be better than that?!?! it makes the wedding day way less awkward after we've already worked together! take a look at the love stories gallery on the portraits page! why would you NOT want an engagement session?!?!?!

do you recommend adding a second shooter? 
that is totally up to you. if you want two different views of your wedding day then i suggest it. i have documenting weddings with over 200 guests on my own so i know i'm capable, but i've also booked weddings with less than 20 guests and had a second shooter with me. i have a variety of talented photographers i work with on the regular. 

will my online gallery be edited? 
yes! i edit all images in adobe lightroom and if needed in photoshop as well. my editing style is sometimes a bit grainy, matte and film-like. i never watermark your edited images except for what i post on social media. 

can you make me skinny? 
no. i will remove pimples, scars or even wrinkles if needed, but i will NOT photoshop you from a size 12 to a 4. please find another photographer if that is what you are looking for.

what kind of camera do you use? 
i've been a canon girl since 1995. i currently use two 5 d mark iii's with a variety of prime lenses. i have strobes for on location events and i have studio lights in my home studio. basically, i have everything i need to capture your wedding, portraits or special day. i honestly don't think a camera makes the photographer. the 22 years of photography experience and my unique vision makes me the photographer i am. 

do you travel beyond south florida? 
yes yes and more yes. traveling makes my heart sing. i will travel anywhere for a session, wedding or other special day. let's chat and see if we can make it work! i've been lucky enough to document weddings in san francisco, chicago, yosemite national park, maui hawaii, winnipeg canada and playa del carmen mexico! 

can our photos be kept private? 
if privacy is a concern for you and your family i can refrain from posting on social media. i understand, trust me, i do. i will do whatever it takes to keep my clients feeling comfortable. if you are okay with social media i'd love to show off the beautiful images we created. my contracts are also a model release and the photos will be displayed on my website and blog. 

are you insured?
i am. if someone calls themselves a professional photographer they SHOULD carry liability insurance. if your venue needs an insurance certificate i can absolutely supply them with one! steph lynn photo llc is properly licensed to do business in the state of florida!

what is your favorite thing to shoot?
love. i honestly love documenting human connections and emotion. whether that be a wedding, engagement or the love of a family. i love, love.

what if it rains?
your wedding should always have a plan b. especially in florida with the fickle weather. we can absolutely shoot your portraits indoors. i have lights for that. 

do you offer discounts? 
unfortunately i do not give discounts as it would be a disservice to all of my clients who pay full price. 

how much do you cost? 
go ahead and fill out the inquiry form on the welcome page and i'll be happy to send you a custom quote! my wedding coverage start at $1,600. 

f o r    p o r t r a i t    c l i e n t s .

how do i book a session?
after we chat about your vision and the details of your session, you'll receive a proposal to select your session details, a contract and invoice. as soon as you sign your contract online and pay the $250 non refundable session fee, your session date will be blocked off. 

what if it rains?
i'm happy to reschedule your session to wait for better weather, but! i am willing and able to shoot indoors if the weather isn't ideal. umbrellas and rainboots are also an option. puddles are awesome for reflections and splashing in! 

what if i have to cancel? 
i can gladly give you ONE reschedule if you can not make your booked session date. i get it, we get sick, kids have busy schedules, life is crazy.... so you get one reschedule. NO REFUNDS.

do you do stylized mini sessions? 
i don't, but i have several photographer friends that do and i'd be glad to refer you. 

what if my children are in a bad mood? 
i've seen it all. temper tantrums, attitude, bickering... many times i'm able to get beautiful portraits regardless of a bad mood. i'll do my best to engage your children and get them giggling, but often times it's best to let them be themselves! 

do you offer digital images? discs? usb drives? 
i offer a variety of high quality artistic prints, incredible wall art and custom albums.  my focus is to provide a tangible work of art for your home to be enjoyed for years to come. if you do decide to purchase a digital image package, they will be available for download online. 

i do not offer cds or usb drives. 

what does the session fee include?
the session fee includes your portrait session and a gallery reveal appointment.

what is a gallery reveal appointment?
your gallery reveal is scheduled two weeks after your portrait session. i will unveil the beautiful images we captured and you can choose which portraits you wish to purchase. i offer a variety of prints, albums and amazing wall art. 

do you offer discounts? 
unfortunately i do not give discounts as it would be a disservice to all of my clients who pay full price. 

f o r   p h o t o g r a p h e r s .

do you offer classes or workshops for aspiring photographers? 
ha! i'm flattered you want to learn from me, but no. i'm far too shy and awkward for teaching! i  take darkroom / fine art photography in college and it was AWESOME. i highly recommend taking film photography course at your local community college. start with film. 

do you second shoot? 
absolutely! i love second shooting! my rate is $75 per hour with no editing. i love working with a variety of wedding photographers. weddings are so much fun! 

what actions or presets do you use for editing? 
mostly vsco & dvlop presets in lightroom which is where i get that grainy film like look.

do you need second shooters? 
i'm always looking to work with new talented photographers. shoot me an email hello@stephlynnphoto.com and send me a link to your portfolio. i prefer canon shooters... because editing anything else is not fun.