i am so behind in blogging weddings. like 2017 behind. this couple will be celebrating their first anniversary next month! ha! 

another saturday, another wedding working beside ricky stern of ricky stern photography. two years and over 50 weddings documented together. 

when you're a second photographer at a wedding, often times you become an errand runner, a dress fluffer, a name caller, an assistant and a human light stand (often at the same time!). so you don't get to document the family formals, the couple or other vital parts of the wedding day. i'm okay with that. every wedding working along side another photographer is another wedding under my belt, another level of experience. so this love story might not be a complete story of the day, but what i was able to document while being useful. 

k + d 04.15.17
the four seasons hotel
miami, florida
© steph lynn photo