that wedding life

at your wedding, i'll be your extra maid of honor (who happens to be amazing at photography). i'm enthusiastic, fun, passionate about love and completely committed to my couples' happiness.

nothing gets me as inspired as coming across some unbelievable light with a beautiful couple arm in arm and my camera in my hand. the moment i get to show you what we just made is magic, and if I'm being honest, i'm addicted. 

you can count on seeing every moment from your best day ever because i never stop seeking out the the small relationships that occur everywhere, quietly but so importantly. those laughs, glances and kisses are the true essence of a wedding, and it brings me an incredible amount of happiness to show you so much of your family's joy.

with over 75 REAL weddings in my portfolio, numerous educational workshops, and three years working with two amazing wedding photographer mentors i can confidently say i am a more than qualified, professional wedding photographer. i know how to light the darkest of wedding venues and i can put out fires as i document your wedding day because i've seen it all.

i can help prepare your wedding timeline, round up your crazy family members like a boss to get kick ass family portraits ((which are the most important photos on any wedding day)) and work along side all of your vendors like the professional that i am. i put every fiber of my soul into your wedding day to make sure it goes flawlessly while capturing the most important moments throughout your day.

my style is authentic, emotive,  joyful and so much fun! 

my only requirement is that you be wildly in love with each other! 

so let's meet up for a cup of coffee and talk about your wedding day!

how it all started

1995 high school newspaper & yearbook
after school job at a local photography studio
then sun-sentinel next generation
took darkroom classes at local community college
went digital in 2008 and steph lynn photo was born
fell in love with wedding photography in 2012


i ❤ weddings!