i haven't taken an actual 100% vacation in a very very long time. sure i travel often, but it's always for work. one of my besties moved to trinidad five years ago and i've been itching to go visit. lucky for me she planned a whole fun filled itinerary for a large group of her random friends here in south florida. so 10 of us traveled over to trinidad to visit. my anxiety wasn't cooperating for much of the trip but i still enjoyed every minute of it regardless. 

trinidad and tobago have so much natural beauty. the land, the people and everything in between. we made friends with many beach dogs everywhere we went. the cuisine is UNREAL. i'm obsessed with pawpaw (papaya), fresh coconut, shado beni, aloo pies & doubles. YUM! this vegan ate all the things!

the first two nights we stayed at our friends house. 
the second two nights we stayed at a beach house in mayaro.
the last two nights we stayed in tobago.

i missed the last day of fun in tobago because i had to get back to miami to shoot a wedding. because work. 

enjoy my favorite captures from my 6 days in trinidad / tobago!